Citrix Desktop Director 2.1

Configuring Desktop Director

To configure Desktop Director open Internet Information Services (IIS) manager and go to the following location:

  • Open Default Website
  • Click on DesktopDirector
  • Double click Application settings. 

XenApp only

When using Desktop Director only with XenApp you need to change the Service.AutoDiscoveryAddress to Service.AutoDiscoveryAddressXA and set the value to the XenApp Data Collector.


SSL warning

Default Desktop Director wants you to use a SSL certificate when using Desktop Director, but when you don’t want to use a certificate you can remove the SSL warning.

 SSL Warning

To remove the SSL warning, change the value of UI.EnableSslCheck from true to false.

SSL Warning false

  • xerxes


    i have this Problem, after installation DD i cannot login via web
    i try

    Service.AutoDiscoveryAddressesXA = XenApp server FQDN (Data Collector)

    but I still can not log in..


    • Hi,

      I’m sorry for the late response. Try the following:

      Open the command prompt window, browse to the following directory and run the application :x64Virtual Desktop AgentConfigRemoteMgmt.exe. Use the switch – ConfigRemoteMgmt.exe /configwinrmuser DomainUser.