Citrix Desktop Director 2.1

Default domain preloaded

By default Desktop Director will look at all the domains in the forest where both the Controller and the Desktop Director server are member of, it’s not possible to configure the Domain option.

Domain field Empty

To change the Domain value edit the file “logon.aspx” at the following location “C:\inetpub\wwwroot\DesktopDirector\”

Find the following value:

<asp:TextBox ID=”Domain” runat=”server” CssClass=”text-box” >

and change it to:

<asp:TextBox ID=”Domain” Text=”yourdomain” readonly=”true” runat=”server” CssClass=”text-box”></asp:TextBox>

 Domain field filled

 As you can see the Domain field is now filled with the domain you specified.

Multiple sites

When you want to manage multiple XenDesktop and/or XenApp site you need to specify the Controllers of the different sites, this can be done using a space between the controller names in the Service.AutoDiscoveryAddress value field, when using both XenApp and XenDesktop use both the fields Service.AutoDiscoveryAddress and Service.AutoDiscoveryAddressXA.

With the above configured settings it ill be possible to manage you XenDesktop and/or XenApp environment, when you have any question feel free to contact me.

  • xerxes


    i have this Problem, after installation DD i cannot login via web
    i try

    Service.AutoDiscoveryAddressesXA = XenApp server FQDN (Data Collector)

    but I still can not log in..


    • Hi,

      I’m sorry for the late response. Try the following:

      Open the command prompt window, browse to the following directory and run the application :x64Virtual Desktop AgentConfigRemoteMgmt.exe. Use the switch – ConfigRemoteMgmt.exe /configwinrmuser DomainUser.