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NetScaler: Customize logon screen

When configuring the NetScaler for our customer they liked to have some modifications made to the logon screen: “Password 1” and “Password 2” need to be “Password” and “Token ID”. the Citrix Receiver Image needs to be replaced with their … Continue reading


NetScaler: Using groups membership to Authenticate

When using the NetScaler Gateway 10.x and you need to allow remote users access based on their group membership, you can use the Active Directory groups. To configure this create an Active Directory group and set the following settings on the LDAP server within … Continue reading


NetScaler: Allow Password Change

When users need to change their password when using the NetScaler Gateway you can use the option: Allow Password Change, which can be set when configuring the LDAP authentication. The Password change option is only allowed when you communicate using LDAPS … Continue reading


Install IIS certificate on Citrix Netscaler 10.1

In our test environment I recently used an existing SSL Wildcard certificate for making the Netscaler available external, to accomplish this I needed to export the certificate from a IIS server and import the certificate into the Netscaler. When using StoreFront 2.0 which … Continue reading